Coda is a new type of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. Coda comes with a set of building blocks ー like pages for infinite depth, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action inside or outside your doc ー which anyone can combine to make a doc as powerful as an app.
Design leader,
Coda leadership team
2020 March - 2023 July
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During my time at Coda, I was part of the leadership team and focused on design. Most recently, I managed and grew the team responsible for designing Coda’s ecosystem, Packs, and Publishing platforms. Before then, I led the team focused on designing product experience for teams, driving monetization, building user trust, and enterprise experiences.

As part of the leadership team, my primary focus was on
  • Strategizing and planning investments in across Product, Design, Engineering in our org
  • Guiding and supporting the team to do their best work
  • Hiring the next group of Codans
  • Improving the process across the company as we scale
I took on certain projects more hands-on, depending on the scope and the bandwidth of the team, to help push initiatives forward.
Shaping the product
Here are some of the areas that my team and I helped enable. Most of these are work prior to Fall 2022, so more updates coming soon on this section.
Core product experience for teams
Enabling better knowledge discovery & organization in workspaces. Also help Coda + Companion tools = ♥. Examples include
Building for User trust, Enterprise
Scaling the core product to meet large organization needs. Helping all users feel more confident on Coda. Examples include
  • Admin controls: Pack approvals, Workspace management, Relationship between Orgs and Workspaces
  • Login experience
Enabling monetization
Designing different levers to help scale revenue. Examples include
  • Conveying the value of a Maker and tiers to users: Pricing page design & experimentation, Sticks & carrots in product
  • Maker role: Trial experience, Managing Maker seats.
There are a few areas that don't relate to the pillars above, but ones our team was involved deeply in enabling. Examples include New user experience, Starter templates, Richer people integration through Google Contacts, Internal tools.