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Tarte, intelligent todo app / 2017

TARTE / 2017

Intelligent todo app that goes beyond reminders and helps you complete each todo.
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Design direction, Android development / NAVER

Incubation Studio is a team that I helped build and lead upon joining NAVER in January 2017. The studio's mission is to discover new opportunities, incubate concepts, and realize them into real products. This was the first experiment by Incubation Studio at NAVER Corp.

My role during the course of this project was providing creative & product direction, pitching the work to executives including the CEO of the company, and building up the team from scratch to an interdisciplinary team of designers and developers. Due to the absence of full time developers early on, I led the development work for the proof-of-concept and what became the skeleton for the Android product.


It all started out with the following observation.

  1. Regardless of who you are, you have a set of things to do.

  2. People are getting busier & busier every day, and it becomes impossible to keep track of everything in your head.

  3. So people begin to track their tasks in to-do lists (or app) or memos. 
    However, these are still "dumb" and are just a list of static strings.

So we began diving in deeper to understanding the key pillars in this problem space through research.



Out of the array of problems / opportunity areas we've identified, three stuck out to us more than others.

  • Being able to add & remind yourself about a to-do is just the beginning. Experiences around actually helping you get a to-do done have been missing.

  • Whether you keep a (long) single list or use a set of (shorter) lists, it's a lot of work organizing.

  • You may think of a to-do while in the context of another activity. It's a lot of hassle & depths to stop what you are doing, navigate to your to-do app, jot things down, and come back to what you were doing.

We took these problem areas and began working on creating the designs to transform these into new opportunities.



Prioritizing the three areas above, we've set out to create a

Task-driven product that
1. Intelligently keeps my list organized,
2. Goes beyond a reminder & actually helps me complete each item,
3. Makes it super easy to jot down a to-do from anywhere.


Tarte (Beta) is a todo app that goes beyond reminder to help you get things done in the following ways.

Feature 1 - Assistance

After composing a todo, Tarte will surface relevant information or actions to help you complete your task. For example, the first flow (in GIF) below is a task that user creates in regards to buying a swim tube for an upcoming trip to the beach. When user types in the todo, Tarte analyzes what it is through natural language understanding to determine its intent. When the todo is successfully mapped to one of the supported intents, Tarte surfaces relevant content such as a list of swim tubes that user can purchase. The screen below on the right is a todo about "Find out how to get to 000 swimming pool". List of relevant places show up so user can get directions or call the place as the next step.

There are 9 intents supported : Making a reservation, Purchasing a shopping item, Researching more information about a topic, Call, Text message, Sending money (such as Venmo-ing someone), Getting directions, Movies, and Books. While todo is analyzed through our intent recognizer, we've also designed guided shortcuts in the todo composer so users can easily complete creating a task. We've determined the order of these guided shortcuts based on the frequency of intents used during internal beta testing.

Left : Todo for buying a swim tube.  Right : Todo for figuring out directions to 000 swimming pool.

Left : Todo for buying a swim tube.
Right : Todo for figuring out directions to 000 swimming pool.

Another look at the detail view of a todo.

Another look at the detail view of a todo.

Feature 2 - Smart List

If you are an avid todo user, it is easy to find your list piling up. It is takes time and effort to organize these todos into specific sub-lists. However, there is value and efficiency in being able to batch & tackle similar todos together. So, our second key feature automatically groups tasks of similar intent into Smart Lists. 

User can still manually create their own lists. Smart Lists are automatically created, managed, and removed by understanding the nature of incomplete tasks.


Feature 3 - Overlay (Android exclusive feature)

When you think of something to do, isn't it quite tedious to stop what you are doing, open your todo app, write down your thought, and return to what you were previously doing? To shorten that process and make it easier for the users, we designed & built an overlay that user can launch from any app simply by long pressing the home button. Jot down a new task without jumping away from what you are doing.

Overlay launched by long pressing the home button

Overlay launched by long pressing the home button

As you type in the todo, Tarte will also intelligently surface assistive actions on the fly.

As you type in the todo, Tarte will also intelligently surface assistive actions on the fly.

Feature 4 - Plan your day

Lastly, Tarte makes it easy to triage your tasks for today. It nudges you in the morning to Plan Your Day with todo without assigned due dates, and you can later view them from the app itself.



Download on Android - available in Korean market (shipped on July 24, 2017)
Download on iOS - available in Korean market (shipped on November 16, 2017)

Tarte Beta, Live in Google Play Store

Tarte Beta, Live in Google Play Store

Tarte Beta, Live in iOS App Store

Tarte Beta, Live in iOS App Store