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Remempark / 2018


Making it easy to remember where you parked

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 Remempark, live in Google Play Store

Remempark, live in Google Play Store


1-person side project

I wanted to start a project that will motivate myself to learn & practice how to use Camera and Google Maps APIs on Android. While on a vacation trip, I ran into a problem of finding where my car was parked. That became the start of Remempark. The project spanned across a few weekends until the first release. A working Android app was released on the Google Play Store in 2018.


I had two simple goals for the project.

  1. Push myself to learn how to develop a working Android app that uses camera and maps functionalities.

  2. Solve a real tangible problem.

While on vacation, I realized that I always take a photo of where I parked and later return to the photos app to see where the parking spot was. That led to a number of observations.

  1. Photo may not be sufficient enough to locate where the car is, especially when the parking spot is of some walking distance from the final destination (ex. Street parking and then walking over to a restaurant 5-15 minutes away) or if the parking lot is large (ex. Amusement park).

  2. It's sometimes unclear to remember how long it's been since I parked at a parking meter spot.

  3. My gallery would start getting cluttered with such photos.

To better address these shortcomings, I built a simple Android app with the following features.


Remempark (Remember + Park) comprises of the following features.


1. Take a photo

Use camera to capture where your car is parked, so the surroundings are visible (such as the # of the column in the parking lot or identifiable structures nearby)


2. Confirm location

Simply confirm based on your current location, or move the marker around for adjustment.


3. Remembering is easy

Returning to the app will show where you parked and how long it's been. A persistent notification will also show up in the notifications bar, so that user can easily return to view the parked location.


Remempark was built using the following.

  • Android Studio and JAVA

  • Google Maps API for location-related features

  • Firebase to monitor crashes and event analytics

In regards to implementing the camera view, I've originally tested open-source libraries Fotoapparat and CameraKit. In the end, to better serve the goal of learning the camera API, the final camera view was built using Android's native Camera2 API.

The app is available for download from Google Play Store.