Sungjoon Steve Won's Portfolio


Patents, Academic Papers, Published Book


23 patents from Samsung, 11 patents from Microsoft. Below are patent ideas that have been made public.

  1. Method and electronic device for displaying content
  2. Multi display method, storage medium, and electronic device
  3. Portable terminal and method for controlling data merging
  4. Electronic device for reminding of task and controlling method thereof
  5. Tethering distribution apparatus, control method thereof, and central mediator
  6. Portable device for providing combined ui component and method of controlling the same
  7. Electronic device and method for displaying application information
  8. Method and apparatus for providing a changed shortcut icon corresponding to a status thereof
  9. Method and apparatus for displaying screen of portable terminal device
  10. Mobile device of executing action in display unchecking mode and method of controlling the same
  11. Mobile device and method for displaying information
  12. Mobile device for performing trigger-based object display and method of controlling the same
  13. Method and mobile device for providing recommended items based on context awareness
  14. Method and apparatus for scrolling screen of display device
  15. Method and system for transmitting data, and method and electronic device therefor
  16. Data display method and apparatus
  17. Method and apparatus for performing preset operation mode using voice recognition
  18. Mobile device having parallax scrolling function and method for controlling the same
  19. Device and method for displaying object in terminal
  20. Method and apparatus for generating task recommendation icon in a mobile device
  21. Method of controlling a list scroll bar and an electronic device using the same

Work while in Carnegie Mellon University.

  1. Contextual Web History: Using Visual and Contextual Cues to Improve Web Browser History // Full paper // ACM SIGCHI 2009
  2. Designing for Email Response Management // Work-in-progress paper // ACM SIGCHI 2009
  3. Design of a Privacy Label for P3P Policies // Poster // Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security 2008