Sungjoon Steve Won's Portfolio

Privacy Nutrition Label / 2008

/ 2008


Academic research project, February - August 2008. Academic researcher & UI, Visual designer / Carnegie Mellon University


Website privacy policies are intended, in part, to assist consumers. However most privacy policies currently are written by lawyers and are hard for majority of consumers to understand. Using P3P or the Platform for Privacy Preference, this project explores representations of the privacy policies that are shorter, more intuitive, and visually effective to the consumer. 


Our original design was based off of Reeder's Expandable Grids. This included following the principle of displaying the entire policy, hierarchically, allowing users to drill down.However we found that this design had many flaws including: unclear labels, P3P statements displayed separately, and too many confusing symbols. Additionally we found users rarely expanded the rows and columns. 

Based on labeling literature (including drugs, energy, water, nutrition, and financial privacy) we simplified the design. We included bold labels, lines separating sections, a descriptive header, and more apparent opt-out links. To simplify, we combined many categories together and wrote longer descriptions of each.


Our final proposed label above, reintroduces symbols for collected data, opt-in, opt-out, and mixed use, which range from light to dark based on severity. This version again expands, with a single fully expanded state and a default view.Each cell can be clicked for more information, which has human readable text. We focused on creating a single page label that is printable and designed for easy comparison of multiple policies. 

Read the paper at Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security 2008: July 2008 

Poster to Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security 2008: July 2008