Sungjoon Steve Won's Portfolio

Polinav / 2016

POLINAV / 2016

Experimental app focused on making politics accessible to an everyday citizen.


Creative Director,  Lead Android Developer.

Designs shown in this page only include the designs fully developed in the application, and does not include the pending set of designs in the backlog to be implemented.

Android's public beta released in early 2016.
Android download link


If you take a quick poll in a room, majority of the people do not feel that they are well represented by their local representative and senators. One of the key issues is that, without enough of the public keeping public officials accountable, public officials don't necessarily feel the necessity to listen.

How can we make an everyday citizen's voice be heard out louder by the public officials?
How can we make an everyday citizen feel more involved in the new legislations that affect them?
How can we make an everyday citizen make an impact in areas they care about?


  1. Get to a critical mass of people who can speak out (even at a casual level) to keep the public officials accountable so that they have to listen
  2. Politics and legislation as they are seem heavy and daunting. Can we ease the learning curve to make them accessible and casual (in a way that is less demanding)?


We have the following as the key pillars to drive the product.

  1. Educate in simple ways
  2. Empower everyone to be heard
  3. Engage unobtrusively


Reading about bills is a handful. It is written in a language that looks like English but is not comprehendible by a majority of the population. We've created a custom curated description of each bill (we are working on more every day) in ways that are digest-able in a quick reading and made other aspects of a legislation, such as the sponsor and status, visible in a single view.

Summarized view of a bill

Summarized view of a bill


Right from the app, be able to vote on how you would like your local representative or senators to vote on the issue. Aggregation of the opinions can help inform the local officials what is in the best interest of their people. 

Simple tap on "Vote". Before voting yourself, be able to see different reasons why it makes sense to vote "Yes" as opposed to "No" (vice-versa).

Voice out what you would like to see happen

Voice out what you would like to see happen

After voting, be able to follow-up by calling your local official or send a pre-populate tweet.

Get in touch with a local official after voting

Get in touch with a local official after voting


Combining the the information & interests we ask the user during sign-up along with how user acts on the bills in the app, we can gradually get smarter about what we curate to the user in the app.

Sign-up flow

Sign-up flow

For the bills that user voted on, share an informational update to the user when there is a significant change or when the user's local official has acted on it.


Designing a first-run experience was also an important part of the initial roll out. Feedback from early beta test users have helped iterate on this and other aspects of the experience.


App removed from Google Play Store in August 2018. Walkthrough video below.