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LTR, Long term reminder / 2018

LTR, Long term reminder / 2018

Organize and remember lessons, quotes & more

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1-person side project

A working Android app was released on the Google Play Store in 2018.


Whenever I read a book, learn something from a personal experience, or come across something inspirational, I jot it down. I’ve tried jotting things down through different ways, but there was always a shortcoming. For example,

  • Evernote : This is probably where I saved the most number of quotes & lessons.
    The problem : Creating habit of going back to these notes to review what I jotted down was difficult. And as more content piled up, reviewing these notes became too much to digest.

  • Wunderlist : I then tried creating a task per quote or lesson and put a reminder alarm to it.
    The problem : Similar with Evernote, it became difficult as the number of things I wanted to remember grew. Manually setting and managing reminder alarms for each task was also handful. I began receiving too many alarms and started ignoring the notifications because there was just too much.

  • Good old post-it : Why not put it right where it’s visible every day?
    The problem : There is only so much physical space, and post-its aren’t portable.

Even though my need was straightforward, there wasn’t a straightforward solution to address it.


What I needed wasn’t a todo list that I can cross off (since these are things that I want to remember) nor a memo app that would have me stash away notes that I wouldn’t look back upon. So, I set out to create a simple experience that can do the following.

A helper that would let me
1. Organize lessons, quotes, or other things to remember and
2. Refresh my memory in the long run.

This became the beginning of LTR, an abbreviated name for Long Term Reminder.


LTR is made of the following features.


Easy login

Data is synced with your Google account.


Shuffle to Remember

Shuffle through reminders and quotes you saved.

LTR will also randomly select a reminder and send you refreshers every day (daily in the morning and at night).


Create new

Create, organize, and save reminders with a simple composer.


Set category

Assign a category to the reminder, such as career, relationship, bad habits, workout, and diet. Category is set to ‘general’ by default.


Set source

Search for source (such as a book, a movie, or a TV show) or simply type it in.


Homescreen widget

Refresh your memory through home screen widgets.


LTR was built using the following.

  • Android Studio and JAVA

  • Firebase for Google login and syncing data per account to the server

  • Book, Movie, and TV Show search through 3rd party APIs

The app is available for download from Google Play Store.


This is not aimed to be a do-it-all app. It was started to address a personal need, and I’ve used LTR as a project to learn and develop experience in app development. Therefore, it is missing a number of features (some even basic such as a reorderable list) which will be addressed based on priority in the future.

Next #TODOs list

  • Reorderable list

  • Custom category

  • Iconography update

  • Making search simpler