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Focusbot / 2018

Focusbot, a NAVER Alpha project. Spend a day with fewer interruptions and better focus.


Spend a day with fewer interruptions and better focus.
Experimental app using Natural Language Processing and Intent Analysis on Mobile.

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Available in U.S., Canada, India, Singapore, and Korea


Design direction, Android development / NAVER

This was a project by 6 creatives within Incubation Studio at NAVER. My role was providing design direction, managing the team & the product, and leading the Android development.

The team comprised of the following members.

  • Sungjoon Steve : Design Director, Android Developer

  • Sumin : Designer for Main Screen, Branding

  • Bokeum : Designer for Autoreply, Settings

  • Jeongmin : Designer for Smart Mode, On-boarding experience

  • Dakyung : Growth, Designer for Stats

  • Cindy : Growth, Marketing


We live in a busy world. A world full of interruptions and requests that are begging for your attention. However, you may be unavailable to answer them or are focusing on tasks at hand such as working, studying, or driving.

It is difficult to stay unplugged & uninterrupted with everything connected to the phone that is always with you. Focusbot is a concept NAVER’s Incubation Studio is experimenting with so you can spend the day with fewer interruptions and better focus. Focusbot mutes notifications and autoreplies to texts & missed calls on your behalf.


Your phone is always buzzing, buzzing, and buzzing

How many times do you check your phone throughout the day? It is common to catch yourself reaching out for your phone to check what new notifications came in. Lots of times, these notifications are not urgent. Often not urgent enough to derail you from what you were doing. When checking your phone becomes a habit, you end up turning on the phone every now and then to find nothing new. Either way, notifications become interruptions that tear your focus apart and damage your productivity.


To help you break away from such interruptions, we began an experiment that ultimately grew into Focusbot.


Focusbot mutes notifications and autoreplies to texts & missed calls on your behalf. Unplug yourself from the phone for a while and immerse yourself to the current task at hand.

Feature 1 : Muting & Managing notifications


Focusbot works in a simple way. Just turn on “Focus mode”.

When Focus Mode is on,

  • Your phone will automatically become silent. Also, phone’s display will not light up when a new notification is received.

  • Incoming notifications from your app will be hidden and no longer show up in the notifications bar. A summary of your notifications will persist instead within a single container, which you can tap to open Focusbot or turn off Focus Mode straight from the notification center.

  • Rather being reactive to all the buzzing and notifications, open up Focusbot when you become available at your own time. From the app, see the history of what came in and also be able to filter notifications by their source app.



While you can toggle Focus Mode at any time,
You can also use the timer to focus for a specific amount of time.


Notification Stats
track and show which apps are sending you the most notifications.


Feature 2 : Autoreply to missed calls & text message FAQs (Feature discontinued in 2019 due to change in Google Policy)


Missed calls

When you are unable to take the call, a text message will be sent back to the caller on your behalf. The text message will be composed intelligently based on your context, such as when you are in an event, while driving, when your device is silent, or when your phone is low on battery. By default, this feature only works on phone numbers saved on your device (User can change preferences in Settings).


Text message FAQs

People may text you about frequently asked questions such as where to send you an email, how to connect to your wifi, where to send you a package, and so forth. If you choose to set up FAQ autoreply cards, a text message reply will be sent on your behalf if someone text messages you related to the FAQ. Natural language understanding is used to determine the intent of the sender. By default, this feature only works on phone numbers saved on your device (User can change preferences in Settings).


Logs of the text messages sent on user’s behalf will be available for the user to see from the Autoreplied tab in the main screen.


Any of these sound familiar? Try Focusbot today!
😱 I want to take a break from all the buzzing in messaging apps.
🤓 It’s time to study or get ready for an exam. I need to FOCUS!
💼 Social notifications keep popping up even at work. I need space to get some work done. Also not so professional when my phone keeps lighting up while I am in meetings.
🚗 I don’t want to juggle my phone while driving. Just want to keep my eyes on the road and not have to worry about replying to the calls I can’t take.


Here’s the process of how we came up with Focusbot’s branding.

1. Creating a name that is straighforward yet identifiable

We aimed to come up with a name that clearly represents the gist of this app’s value and is also unique enough when searched in the app store. After iterating through piles of early candidates, our approach combined two words into a single name. “Focus” for the value we are aiming to create, and “Bot” for the new autoreply experience we are experimenting with. “Focus” + “Bot” became “Focusbot”, an entity that will work on your behalf to enhance your focus.


2. Creating the visual identity

“Notification” and “Autoreply” became the motif for Focusbot’s visual form. Starting out from an abstract form of a notification, we iterated to shape it to be in the form of an app icon. Afterwards, we added a touch of personality and emotions within the app icon to highlight the notion of bot in a friendly manner.

1– 3) Progression from notification to an app icon. 4) Exploring personalities for the app icon.

1– 3) Progression from notification to an app icon. 4) Exploring personalities for the app icon.

Through this exercise, Focusbot’s visual identity was born.

Focusbot’s visual identity

Focusbot’s visual identity

Visualizing Autoreply & Muting Notifications

Visualizing Autoreply & Muting Notifications

Next Steps

Before we released Focusbot to the public, we’ve conducted a closed beta test with internal employees and a group of university students. Around 300 testers participated during the closed beta test, and the valuable feedback we received helped us validate which aspects of our target problem space actually resonated with real users and as a result refine the early version of the app.

Now with the open beta test, we look forward to hearing from more users and evolve Focusbot with our users.

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